Friday, January 26, 2007

JF and I bought a house!

JF and I have been saving and planning to buy our first house for about 2 years. We decided that we would start to get serious about it this January. Our plan was to get pre-approval on a mortgage from different banks and then visit houses and eventually, make an offer on a house. Well, things went much faster than we anticipated and we made an offer on the 5th house we visited, on our 2nd day of intensive visits.

The past 2 weeks feel like they lasted 2 months. One day, we were visiting houses, the day after we were making an offer, and then waiting to hear back from the sellers, and finally accepting their counter-offer. All the while, we were having appointments with banks to discuss mortgages, finding a trustworthy house inspector and notary. It was all worth it, because on Monday, January 22nd, we became future home owners!!!

Of course, this proved to be quite challenging for our training and eating habits, but we didn't do too bad. This week, I got back into running and I ran about 12K (3 runs). Pretty good for someone who was off from running for almost one full month! I'm back to doing 10:1s. Some are easier than others, but I think that the more I "force" myself to complete the 10 minutes of running, the easier they will become.

I haven't gone back to the pool yet to try on my "new eyes", but it's in the books for next week.

My eyes are pretty much stable... I can't say that I saw much improvement this week. Yesterday, I received a bottle of eye drops in the mail. The eye doctor I saw 2 weeks ago had forgotten to give me stronger drops to put into my right eye 4 times a day. D'oh! I was pretty anxious about it, afraid this would ruin my recovery, but the nurse I spoke to said not to worry and that if I took the drops diligently for the next 2 weeks, I would be OK. I may call them back on Monday and ask for another follow-up appointment, just to make sure the damage isn't too bad...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Day 29 after PRK... my astigmatism is gone!

Today is Day 29 after my laser eye surgery and I noticed for the first time that my astigmatism is almost all gone!!! When I try hard to notice it, I can still see a little bit of astigmatism (my computer keyboard looks twisted), but in general, I don't notice it any more!!! :-)

Last Monday, on Day 25, it was raining and I got rain in my eyes. What a wonderful feeling!

Today, I went for my one month follow-up appointment and was very happy because I was told that my capacity to see details has increased a lot and that I could stop using the steroid drops in my right eye and reduce the drops regimen to 2 times a day for the next 2 weeks for my left eye.
I really hate those drops, they give me an awful taste in my mouth.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back at the gym!

Day 23 after my laser eye surgery. My vision has improved a lot this week. It is still very blurry, but I have moments (seconds) where I see clearly! I still get headaches before my eyes need to work so hard, but I'm expecting the headaches will leave once I get rid of my cold and my vision improves.

Today, I went back to the gym, after more than 3 weeks of absence. Needless to say, it was very tough. I was expecting to have lost a lot of strenght during this time off, but I didn't. I can still do the same exercises, but they feel more difficult. I biked for 20 minutes and it went well, but then I almost fainted at the end of my strenght training. I decided to call it a day and went home to rest. Tomorrow, I'm going for a run! :-)

JF and I got pre-approved for a mortgage today. We're starting serious house hunting in the coming weeks!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 18 after PRK... I can focus!

Today is Day 18 after my laser eye surgery and I had a pleasant surprise while taking a shower: my ability to focus is back! When I put shampoo in my hand, I could see my hand clearly and the shower wall was a blur behind my hand. Woohoo!

I find that my recovery takes forever, which is normal for PRK surgeries according to the optometrist I saw last Thursday. Sometimes, I wonder why I chose to have PRK or laser eye surgery at all because I get so frustrated at not seeing much improvement day after day. Today was a very small thing, but it gave me hope that things will improve. Really. It's not just the optometrist trying to reassure me.

And when this long recovery is over, I know I'll be happy I was patient and kept my eye on the prize...