Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rattle Me Bones

The result:

5K ran in 38:16 (not a PB, but a PB in chip-timed races!)

Lessons learned:

  • Today, I understood what « Plan the race, race the plan » meant
  • I left my ego at home and ran 3:1s, because I felt it was my best option, given the tightness of my legs. This paid off in a PB for this year!
  • Worrying about the weather forecast does no good – we runners have good karma and we should believe in it more!


  • At one point, I started thinking about the banner Msdesigner1 made for NCM, and the one phrase I remembered from it was “Remember when you couldn’t?”. This brought tears to my eyes. It’s OK to cry during a race!
  • When I was becoming a wimp and felt like I couldn’t go on, I wondered which Maniac would never give up and thought about Kiza for inspiration
  • It was great to see Brian pacing Stephanie for her first race!
  • In the song “Reason to Believe” by Dashboard Confessional, it says “I have reason to believe that i have victories to taste, I can feel them on my teeth, upon my lips and in my chest, I can roll them on my tongue, they are more subtle than defeat, I feel the tension in my lungs and every move is filled by my resolve to breathe” – sang that part out loud

Being thankful:

  • Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude: thanking volunteers and people who cheered on me raised my spirits during my race
  • I said a grateful prayer when all of a sudden, there was a ray of sun to heat my face and the wind was at my back to give me more power

Love and friendship:

  • It’s great when your other half enjoys running as much as you do. It makes for lively conversations in the car on the way back home!
  • Apparently, some people have sent me good vibes during my race. I felt it and they definitely made all the difference!
  • For the first time, I felt like I really belonged to the running community, and to Running Mania. Thank you Maniacs for being my friends and supporting me in my endeavours!

Today wasn't supposed to be a great day, but I made it one and I'm very happy about it! :D

Sunday, October 15, 2006


It had to happen: in the past week, I've been feeling pretty down about my training. In my swimming, I can't seem to be able to breathe on the side while swimming. I get dizzy because I do it too fast and I'm still not 100% comfortable in the water, so my neck and shoulders are stiff when I'm trying to coordinate everything. After my lesson this week, I've been beating myself up a lot, wondering why was I putting myself into another situation where I would fail. By talking to a few people on Running Mania, I realized that I wasn't the only one who had problems with side breathing and it made me feel just a little bit better. A friend has given me an exercise to try and I've watched the Total Immersion DVD and am gonna go to the pool tomorrow night and try these. I think the clever short-term goal is that I become more comfortable in the water. Period. Nothing else for now. And maybe work on that demanding character of mine! ;-)

On top of that, I got more foot/ankle/shin pain, which prevented me from running for a week. I've seen a new RMT about this and he helped me loosen up the shoulders, neck and legs. His techniques are weird, but they work! I also bought a Stick and i've been using it a lot in the past few days. This morning, I went for a 4K run, which ended up being a 5K run. I was very happy that the run was almost painless and although it was very tough on my respiratory system, it was a great run. At the end of my run, I put on "Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys and sprinted for 2 minutes at 6:24/K!!! I couldn't stop smiling, it felt absolutely wonderful!!!

So, my days are filled with ups and downs, and a resolve to keep going that is unfortunately spoiled with self-doubt. I put all my objectives aside to focus on the moment and enjoy each and every bit of training happiness, like this morning.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Run for the Cure 2006: The Glory Outlasts the Rain!

Yesterday was my 2nd time running the Run for the Cure in Ottawa. I didn't sleep well for 3 nights in a row, my stomach was upset and I looked like that before we left for the run yesterday morning:

I ran RFTC with a friend of mine who just started running this Summer. It was her first race ever. She's doing the LTR program by herself and is up to 4&1s now. We did 5&1s during the first half of the race, which made us both very happy! It's been a long time since I did 3 5&1s in a row. For the most part of the race, it didn't rain. But closer to the finish, we got rained on...

I had mental issues during my run. I got cramps in my calves and hamstring and I was so afraid of getting injured that I couldn't suck it up and keep running. I took more frequent walk breaks during the second half of the run (we did 2:30 to 3:00&1s). I even had to walk for a few seconds about 100m to the finish line, just long enough to tell myself to suck it up and finish. :?

Ran into a puddle and crossed the finish line in 37:58.

Got home and took two "After" pictures:

455 huge THANK YOUs to my sponsors!