Sunday, November 16, 2008

Therapeutic Run

Lately, I've been under a lot of stress because of a new job that I am supposed to start soon. I've been stressed preparing for two different job postings: written exam, interview... and the worst part was when I had to choose between both jobs. Through all this, I was also injured, which added to the stress.

My injury is slowly recovering - the lower abdominal one, for those wondering which injury I'm talking about! I have been able to walk more lately and it's a great thing because it helps me keep sane through the injury. This morning, I decided that I would try to run just a little, to try and get some endorphins that I badly need. My cortisol level has been tested and is quite high right now, so I knew I had to be careful and not bring my heart rate up to the anaerobic zone.

And so, off I went on our treadmill downstairs. I sang along to my iPod while running to make sure I stayed in the aerobic zone (anaerobic produces cortisol and is not a good thing for me right now). I walked for 15 minutes, ran for about 5 minutes. It felt great! I had a bit of pain and I didn't push it. After this run, I stretched and did my core strenghtening exercises. I also decided that I would try and do a few therapeutic runs each week for now, until I am completely recovered. This should help keep my moods stable and it should slowly get my body back into running mode. Onward and upward!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My list of injuries...

It has been a very crazy year! I was thinking about my list of 2008 injuries/illnesses the other day and it goes like this:

April: hip tendonitis and unidentified abdominal injury
May: abdominal injury (continued)
June: abdominal injury (continued) and bike accident: broken/cracked rib(s), broken/cracked cheekbone, shoulder injury
July: broken toe
August: broken toe (continued)
September: abdominal injury is back, major case of cold or flu
October: abdominal injury (continued), sprained ankle

I hope this is where it ends. It's November 1st, my ankle is still hurting and my abdominal injury has been diagnosed to a misaligned pelvis (pubic bone). I hope I get some relief soon!

On the positive side, I accepted a new job! November will be a stressful month, but for once, it will be mostly positive stress. Yay!